Antra™AT-PAA28 Low Noise Pre-Amplifier HDTV Pre-amp Signal Booster for UHF VHF Antenna with 4G LTE, 5G Filter
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This low noise broad band Pre-amp AT-PAA28 is designed to boost weak TV signals to compensate the signal loss of long running cable and noise of the receivers, thus increase the Singal /Noise level in the whole system, improving image quality and stability. It rejects FM signal and LTE 4G, 5G signal (600MHz up)

T-Mobile is implementing the 5G low end on band 71 (600-700Mhz), it may cause interference to reception of HDTV. 


  • Low noise high gain across 47-600 MHz
  • Built-in FM Trap reduce FM station interference
  • Built-in LTE 4G,5G 600 MHz low pass filter, no need to buy another pre-filter
  • Adjustable gain control for more flexible installation
  • Closure box with water proof design
  • Light weight and Master attachable design, with less to no 

Read Notes Before Buying Any Pre-Amps:

TV signals are very complicated and different from location to location. Do some research on TVFOOL, and get basic channel/signal information of your location before buying an pre-amp. 

Scenarios and results you may get:

1. Weak signal only (You may see great results using this Pre-Amp, EASY)

If your location are far from TV stations or you can get very weak signal even by a high gain antenna. Basic setup as per instructions is sufficient.

2. Some directions have strong signals and some directions have weak signals.(You may see good results when tuning the antenna system well, EASY-ADVANCED)

Try to point the antenna (Single antenna system) to the weakest stations, in this way more weak signals and less strong signals are received in the system. If multi-antenna system is used, use higher gain antenna to get weak channels and connect to the amplifier, and low gain antenna to get strong channels without amplification. Signal combiner may be required to get best results.

3. Weak signals among lots of strong signals and are coming from the same direction(Complicated and special setup may be required to get weak channels extracted, ADVANCED)

Strong signal may overload Pre-amplifier or your TV receiver, thus losing channels that you may get without a Pre-amp.

Weak signals may have to be separated from main stream before feeding into this pre-amp, then can be combined back to the main stream. Lots of tuning and testing may be required due to complicated signal strength and frequency distributions. 

In scenario 2 & 3, advanced setup skills, as well as additional components may be required to get better results.

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