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AH6/7-X60 Series Includes: AH6-260, AH6-660, AH7-860 

AH7-220 Series  AH7-220-0000

AH6-X60S Series

AH6-330 Series

AH7-X30P Series

AH7-X90 Series

Diamond Series

DP9 Series


Super Slim SL Series

All Rounder Series

 Antra™ Electric Motorized Projection Screen Position Adjustments Instructions

Pairing Remote and Controller for Antra Screens

Electric Screens with Sync Motor Diagram (119" , 120" or smaller screens)

Electric Screens with Tubular Motor Diagram (128" or larger screens)


Video Libarary

Change Lens Covers 

AH6-260 Series, AH6-660 Series


-AH6-260 Series, AH6-660 Series

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-AH6/7-360 Series, AH7-220 Series, AH6-X60S Series, All Rounder Series,Supler Light Series, AH6-330 Series
-AH7-X30P Series
-AH7-860 Series
-AH7-X90 Series, Diamand Series


Head Gear Assembly 

-AH6-260 Series, AH6/7-360 Series, AH7-220 Series,All Rounder Series,AH6-330 Series,AH7-860 Series

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-AH7-X30P Series, AH7-X90 Series, Diamond Series, Supler Light Series, AH6-X60S, DP6 Series, DP9 Seies

How to Replace Batteries


-AH6-260 Series


-AH7-X90 Series, Diamand Series, 

Headgear assembly tutorials:

DP9 1X:

DP9 01:

DP9 04:

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-AH6/7-360 Series,All Rounder Series
-AH7-220 Series
-AH6-330 Series
-AH7-X30P Series
-Supler Light Series, AH6-X60S
-AH7-860 Series>